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From Pizza Hut Manager to Multi-Billion Dollar CEO, Todd Skelton has created a life many would only

dream of; but this life did not come without sacrifice and hardships. He has overcome low income,

adversity, set-backs, divorce, rejection, and legal battles only to come out even more successful, both

financially and personally. By overcoming these adversities and paving his own way to mega success,

Todd Skelton is now sharing his story with the world to help others accomplish their dreams of success

and wealth. 

Raised is a very small home right outside of New Orleans, Todd was no stranger to low income.

Todd got his first job at 16 bussing tables at a local restaurant then moved on to Pizza Hut where he

went from a pizza cook to an Area Manager of 17 locations before he turned 30.

He joined the auto business in 1993 as a sales associate and just 9 years later was the first Market

President for the largest auto retailer in the US, AutoNation. Todd spent 27 years at AutoNation most of

those years as an executive.

In January of 2020 Todd was appointment the President and CEO of Prime Automotive a top 10

Automotive Group in the US, with 56 dealerships selling over 63,000 new and used vehicles annually,

generating over 3 billion in revenue.

Todd successfully scaled and sold the Multi-Billion Dollars Prime Automotive Group for 4X its original

valuation just 23 months later. Most notable, the successful sale was accomplished while his Private

Equity General Partner had been criminally indicted by the SEC. His transparency and effective

communication with his team built trust and employee engagement and kept the company flourishing

even during adverse times.

Currently, Todd is CEO of Ascendance Truck Centers, a growing national network of full-service

commercial truck retailers.Todd’s refusal to give up led him to building and eventually selling a multi-billion-dollar company. Today,Todd is a respected business leader, speaker, investor, and an inspiration to others who have been told that they can't achieve their dreams. His story is a reminder that with hard work and determination, anything is possible.Todd Skelton is the proud father of 3 amazing children and husband to his wife, Gina Skelton. 


@ToddskeltonCEO on IG

@Todd Skelton on LinkedIn

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